Vitamin B Complex For Dogs

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In humans, the super B complex refers to eight B vitamins that are considered to be essential for life. In a similar fashion, dogs also require adequate levels of these. Here are some things you need to know about vitamin B complex for dogs:

Remember dogs are omnivores…
Did you know that in the wild, canines are known to eat fruits and other vegetation? Unfortunately the modern dog’s diet usually consists of dry dog food in a bag. Sure, it provides plenty of carbohydrates and protein, but is it also giving your dog all the necessary nutrients?

Not only are humans becoming more conscience of our nutrition, but we’re also becoming more aware of our pets’ nutrition. For this reason, loving pet owners are asking their vets about supplements for their dogs and cats at an ever increasing rate.

Why a B complex for dogs?
Well, dogs also need B complex vitamins to support their health. Just like in humans, these eight B vitamins support various functions in a dogs body, including the nervous system, circulatory system, metabolism, skin, eyes, mouth, reproduction system, fur, and more.

Which vitamins make up the super B complex for dogs?
It’s the same eight that are considered vital for humans: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B 12. Because many of these work best in synergy (together) it is considered a better choice to take a super B complex, rather than using them individually.

Can vitamin B complex be overdosed on?
Just like vitamin C, the B vitamins are water soluble (meaning they leave the body in urine) so they are only in our system for a matter of hours at a time. Contrast this to fat soluble vitamins (like E) which are stored in the body. It’s extremely rare for humans or dogs to overdose on super B complex. In fact, according to the Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department at Drs. Foster & Smith, they are “not aware of a single toxicity case ever having been documented in either dogs or cats.”

Vitamin B complex for dogs dosage?
According to the aforementioned source, the minimum daily dosage for dogs is as follows:

Make sure you talk to your vet to find out their dosage recommendations, too.

Where to buy vitamin B complex for dogs?
The great part about vitamins and dietary supplements is that it often is possible to use “human” versions as long as the dosage is converted over to your dogs weight (at least when it comes to water soluble vitamins, like B complex). This can save you a lot of money. The best places to buy them are online vitamin stores because you can buy higher quality supplements for less than even the cheap store-brand version. The other benefit of buying human vitamins is that you can find natural versions, which are rarely available in “dog” vitamins.