B Complex Deficiency

by admin

b-complex-deficiencyIf someone has a vitamin B complex deficiency, they have a potentially life threatening problem on their hands. The reason why super B complex deficiency is so serious is because it refers to the eight B vitamins which are essential to human life… without them, our life is jeopardy.

Let’s talk about the eight B complex vitamins and some of the side effects which have been associated with deficiency:

B1/Thiamine – Deficiency symptoms: upset stomach, irritability, lack of energy, memory problems, trouble sleeping,

B2/Riboflavin – Deficiency symptoms: visual problems, skin and tongue inflammation, hair loss, reddening/cracking of the lip corners, trouble sleeping, mental problems

B3/Niacin – Deficiency symptoms: pellagra, which was nicknamed the “four D’s disease” a century ago (dermatitis, dementia diarrhea, death).

B5/Pantothenic Acid – Deficiency symptoms: studies have been done which prove this is essential to human life, but fortunately it’s found in so many foods that deficiency reportedly does not occur

B6/Pyridoxine – Deficiency symptoms: anemia in adults, convulsions in children

B7/Biotin – Deficiency symptoms: a red rash which is scaly in feeling and appearance, hair loss

B9/Folic Acid – Deficiency symptoms: if a pregnant mother is deficiency there are serious birth defects which can occur and if the baby is deficient after birth it can cause anemia

B12/Cobalamins – Deficiency symptoms: permanent nervous system and brain damage, anemia,

An Important Note
Please understand that I am not a medical professional. I’m only a person who studies health and nutrition as a hobby. Therefore, if you believe you may have a vitamin B complex deficiency, you need to speak to a doctor – don’t try to self diagnose or self treat. The information on this site is not medical advice.

Should you be worried about B complex deficiency?
Before you freak out, there are a couple important things to make note of. First of all, many of the B complex deficiency symptoms can be caused by totally different things also. Secondly, deficiency is extremely rare in developed nations since we eat balanced diets. However, there are a couple ways it can still occur…

(1) People who have poor absorption due to digestive problems
When this is the case, doctors may recommend a liquid vitamin B complex for easier absorption and/or they may administer injections

(2) It’s impossible for people who adhere to a strictly plant based to obtain B12 from their food
If this describes you, then a vitamin B12 supplement is absolutely necessary, which can be obtained through a vitamin store.